Podlaskie White Stork Trail

The Podlaskie White Stork Trail (PWST) is one of the oldest brand tourist products inPoland. The PWST provides a link for the most beautiful places in Podlaskie, including the region’s four national parks: the Białowieża NP, Narew NP, Biebrza NP, Wigry NP and theSuwałkiLandscapePark. It is a network of routes, well-marked with information boards and signposts. Inspired by the white stork and its habits, the trail allows tourists to reach a number of amusing places either on a bicycle or horseback, in a kayak or traditional push-boat, or even by car.

Podlaskie White Stork Trail belongs to the Central and Eastern European Greenways network. Greenways are trails, developed with local communities in both urban and rural areas for non-motorized users. Typically Greenways follow linear green corridors, historic trade routes, rivers and railways. They are managed by local people as a basis for encouraging sustainable development and healthy lifestyles. Greenways provide a framework for community-based initiatives and projects related to nature conservation, cultural heritage preservation, sustainable tourism and mobility. Greenways seek to address needs of locals and visitors and to make a positive contribution to the local economy. www.greenways.pl

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